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Look, sometimes you feel like eating that is absolutely out of season and that’s fine. There are many ways to turn your year-round favorites into seasonal must-haves. Example? The latest recipe from Martha Stewart. If you love cooking as much as we do, you’ve probably tried some of Martha Stewart’s recipes. Our favorites include her wicker board, rice salad, and even her grilled rock steak salad, but she just released a new recipe that is perfect for any soup lover who wants to enjoy the dish even in the heat of summer. It’s a corn soup and it’s served cold.

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Stewart shared the find on Instagram, writing: “Although soup isn’t usually our favorite on a hot summer’s day, this creamy corn soup is served cold. It’s a refreshing home-style meal that can be enjoyed as a light starter or for lunch. Garnish with a few raw corn kernels and coarse black pepper to give an indication of what flavors are waiting for us. “

Cold soup is nothing new (I mean who doesn’t love a big bowl of gazpacho) but this is the first time we’ve seen a chilled corn soup. The list of ingredients caught our attention. Onion, garlic, bacon, corn, and sour cream are just a few of the delicious ingredients. Our favorite part? This dish takes less than two hours, making it perfect for those days when you have a little more time to cook something special. We feel the extra love work is going to make this dish a family favorite. If you love trying new recipes like this one should subscribe to Martha Stewart Living Magazine. It’s full of some pretty great dishes that we think your whole family will enjoy.

If you feel like spicing things up this weekend, consider making this cold corn soup. It will likely surprise your guests, but with such flavors we have a feeling that they will fall in love with the unique dish.

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