MasterClass expands its culinary offering to include first class Indian cuisine with Madhur Jaffrey


The award-winning cookbook author and travel writer, known for bringing Indian food to the west, teaches the basics and history of Indian cuisine

SAN FRANCISCO, October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Master class, the streaming platform where everyone can learn from the world’s best in a wide variety of subjects, announced today that the author and television personality of the James Beard Foundation Cookbook Hall of Fame Madhur Jaffrey will give a course on Indian cuisine. Responsible for introducing Indian cuisine to the Western Hemisphere, Jaffrey shares her best recipes as well as insights into the rich history and culture that surrounds each dish. Jaffrey’s class is exclusive to now Master classwhere subscribers with an annual membership get unlimited access to all 100+ instructors.

Madhur Jaffrey for MasterClass

“Madhur pioneered Indian cuisine in the west, empowering chefs to adapt their cuisine to the tastes and smells of. to fill India for almost 50 years, “said David Rogier, Founder and CEO of MasterClass. “Now she takes members on a culinary journey through the great diversity of Indian cuisine, sharing her process of creating dishes that tempt, comfort and inspire, while highlighting the culture and context behind each dish.”

In her class, Jaffrey teaches members the basics of flavoring in Indian cuisine, how to unleash the power of spices, and creatively improvise their homemade meals. Interwoven with the meaning and history of certain ingredients, cooking techniques, and dishes, Jaffrey demystifies the idea that you have to use dozens of spices to prepare the perfect dish, authentic food. With more than 30 recipes, Jaffrey’s class introduces members to what they call “the magical use of spices,” like layering or toasting ingredients like cumin and garam masala. She also delves into ancient food staples, including lessons in her famous “Potato A Thousand Ways,” Indian essential vegetables, basmati rice, and the variety of Indian breads and pancakes. Jaffrey demonstrates her famous recipes, from South Asian meat to Goan shrimp, and devotes an hour to Indian street food. Members will exit this course with a deeper knowledge of the history of Indian flavors, inspired to incorporate them into their cooking and share what they have learned with others.

India is a huge country with Bangladesh in the east and Pakistan In the West. Although we have our own languages, clothes and traditions, we share the commonality of South Asian cuisine, “said Madhur Jaffrey. “There is a lot of freedom in Indian food and in my class I want to share what makes the difference India from most other countries through recipes that make your mouth water at the mere thought of them. “

Madhur Jaffrey is an award-winning cookbook writer, television chef, travel and food writer, and actress born in Delhi, India. Jaffrey was inducted into the James Beard Foundation’s Cookbook Hall of Fame in 2006 and has written more than 30 cookbooks and a childhood memory. Climb the mango trees (2006) and has appeared on several television programs, in particular Madhur Jaffreys Indian foodwhich premiered in the UK in 1982. Her presence in the entertainment industry is significant as she has appeared in several films by. has contributed James ivory and Ismail dealer, such as Shakespeare Wallah (1965), for which she at 15. Berlin International film festival. In 2004, Jaffrey was named in recognition of her contributions to film, television and culinary arts and her contribution to cultural relations between the United Kingdom, India and The United States.

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