Mom cooks and stores 426 meals to feed her family for 8 months



  • Kelsey Shaw learned preservation techniques after moving to the United States with her family.
  • The woman used the help of videos and books.
  • She uses various methods such as dehydration and water conservation.

Those who cook will know that the hardest part is deciding on the menu for each day. It’s a time-consuming task that sometimes even spoils your cooking mood. An Australian gave up this daily tedious job and decided to cook meals at once for the next 8 months.

Kelsey Shaw, a 30-year-old mother, prepares her family’s meal well in advance. In three months, Shaw completed the ultimate task of storing 426 meals for her family, which is 8 months of food. Unlike a traditional kitchen store that stocks enough groceries for maybe a week or a few days, Shaw’s pantry is packed with groceries ranging from prepackaged meals to canned fresh vegetables that would last her family for months. The family eats fresh food from their farm in the summer and consumes pre-preserved food in the winter.
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The mother’s practice of preparing food in advance began in 2017 when she moved to Indiana, USA with her family. The mother, who wanted to adopt a “slower lifestyle,” soon taught herself all about food preservation.

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She learned techniques like dehydration and water conservation to master the art of bulk storage. Regarding the learning process, Shaw said that she spent two hours a day learning the process. The proud mother continued to educate herself through videos and books.

“It’s an ability to be able to preserve everything,” said the mother. Their conservation practice came in handy during the pandemic. While the whole world was panicking and stocking up on supplies, Shaw’s family was already prepared.


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