Mourning the death of the Mozaic restaurant


With a sorrow equal to the sorrow of the death of a dear friend who has given us decades of unparalleled evenings filled with great memories, hosted remarkable gatherings of friends, and entertained and entertained us all with style and elegance – reports that Mosaic Restaurant in Ubud, Bali closed its doors on January 31, 2022.

In a statement released on January 31, 2022, the founding owner of Mosaic, Chris Salan, said: “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of the Mozaic Restaurant and [email protected] services. After 21 years of service, including two years fighting the impact of Covid-19 on Bali’s economy, we have decided it is time to close until further notice and wait for Bali’s economy to recover. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support and understanding.”

On an island suffering the devastating economic impact of Covid-19 pandemic, the community of Ubud in central Bali was hit particularly hard, along with many hotels, restaurants, shops and museums in the area being robbed by the foreign tourists who once filled their venues.

When framing the shutter as “temporarily until better times return”, The abrupt closure with one day’s notice and the formal dismissal of 44 permanent employees bodes well for the future of mosaic and a possible reopening remain doubtful.

Spice by Chris Salans – an attached restaurant in central Ubud that closed last year.

Twenty-one years ago, American-born, French-raised chef Chris Salans left his position as executive chef at a local 5-star resort to pursue his dream of becoming a restaurant chef by opening the mosaic in Ubud.

Trained in Paris at Le Cordonbleau, followed by internships at Michelin star restaurants that contained L’Oustau de Baumaniere and Luke cardboard. His culinary career later took Salans to New York, where he worked as sous chef Per David Boule and then as chef Per Thomas Keller in Napa Valley.

The opening in 2001 Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique allowed Salans more leeway to express his admiration for Asian cuisine by marrying modern Western cooking techniques and Nouvelle cuisine presentations with local ingredients and flavors of Indonesia.

The Garden Restaurant and Lounge has received a warm and eager welcome in Bali and has earned a reputation for offering one of Asia’s premier dining experiences. Along the way, Mozaic has received numerous awards, including inclusion in the Tradition and quality – Les Grandes Tables Du Monde, San Pellegrinos “Top 50 restaurants in the world, top 10 of the Miele Guides in Asia” and Award of the World Gourmet Summit 2017 Per “Best Asian restaurant.”

In 2011 Chris published an award-winning cookbook “Mozaic: French cuisine, Balinese flavors.” Written a year ago, Chris Salans’ cookbook is now considered a highly collectible compendium, showcasing 17 seasonal Indonesian ingredients used over 50 years “unique Mozaic” recipes. Shortly after its publication, the cookbook got its name “Best of the world” until Gourmet World Cookbook Awards.

Basking in his hard-earned notoriety, Salans continued to achieve success “celebrity chef” Status displayed on TV in Top chef Indonesia in 2017 and Iron Chef Indonesia.

Determined to become a World Ambassador of “new Indonesian cuisine”, that Chris Salans group has undertaken the global mission of giving Indonesian chefs their rightful place in the hierarchy of the global culinary community, providing professional F&B advice and mentoring promising young Indonesian chefs through international cooking competitions.

In September 2020, Chris Salans was awarded the Ordre du Mérite Agricole (Order of Agricultural Merit) by the French government for outstanding merit in agriculture and gastronomy, elevating Chris to the rank of “Knight” or “Chevalier”.

In 2019 Salans was named Maître Cuisiniers de France to pay tribute to his pioneering international cuisine, which employs French techniques with Indonesian flavors.

Those of us who know and appreciate the friendship of the remarkably talented Chris Salans remain hopeful that Bali hasn’t heard the last of this outstanding chef with a heart that has truly found his spiritual home in Bali.

Stay tuned to his space, where we hope to share news of the next step in a remarkable culinary journey that has been “temporarily” sidelined by the fallout from the global pandemic.

If you would like to send Chris a word of encouragement and goodwill during these challenging times, his email contact is here.


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