Move Over Aloo Tikki: 5 Healthy Tikki Recipes To Enjoy Guilt Free



Can something taste good just because it’s shaped or plated in a certain way? Yes it can and Tikki is a great example of that! There is something about having bite-sized, round dishes that make it taste delicious. You can turn any vegetable into a tikki and people will be devouring them in minutes. People don’t like quinoa, couscous, or beetroot every day, but if you make a tikki that combines all three, people will kind of love to eat it. A plate full of tikkis always puts a smile on your face. We found 5 healthy tikki recipes that you will enjoy without feeling guilty!

Here are 5 healthy tikki recipes:

Eat corn palak tikki with imli chutney.

Mais Palak Ki Tikki

You may not enjoy Mais Palak Ki Sabzi, but this Mais Palak Tikki will make you lick your fingers after you finish eating. This recipe makes a delicious tikki that has a melt-in-the-mouth texture with corn tucked away as a yummy surprise.

Click here for the full Corn Palak Ki Tikki recipe

Kache Kele Ki Tikki

This popular awadhi dish is known to be a great snack for any religious fast. It uses raw bananas, potatoes, and karela to make delicious tikkis that you can enjoy anytime!

Click here for the full Kache Kele Ki Tikki recipe

Oat tikki

Serve gravy on the oat tikki side.

Oat tikki

When oats come to mind, they are referred to as healthy granola that is eaten for breakfast. This recipe will change the way you perceive oats. Oats Tikki makes delicious bite-size snacks that can even be enjoyed at parties.

Click here for the full recipe for oat tikki

Rabbit Matar Ki Tikki

Children don’t like to eat peas and we’ve found a way to change that. This delicious Matar Ki Tikki rabbit will keep your kids eating more and more. The best part is that this tikki doesn’t even taste like peas.

Click here for the full Hare Matar Ki Tikki recipe


Enjoy green chutney with Arbi Kaju Tikka.

Arbi Kaju Tikki

This Arbi Kaju Tikki should be included in your Vrat recipes as it can also be enjoyed during religious fasts. With this recipe you get tikkis that are creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Click here for the full Arbi Kaju Tikki recipe

Try these recipes and tell us how you liked them!



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