Mysterious recipe box left over at Hoops Brewing hits its owner after 3 years


DULUTH, MN. (KBJR) – The mysterious recipe box that has been in the Hoops Brewery for three years has finally been returned to its rightful owner, Maggie Cretens.

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“I didn’t know that it was missing, I don’t know where it came from, I only know the name Doris and I recognized my mother’s handwriting,” said Cretens.

Cretens of Duluth was scrolling social media when she caught sight of a picture of a recipe card with her grandmother’s name listed above.

“I was really shocked and had to watch it again,” said Cretens.

Cretens soon found that all cards matched their mother and grandmother’s handwriting.

Maggie Cretens tells her family story around recipes(kbjr 6 / cbs 3)

Cretens called Hoops to see for themselves. In fact, it was a match.

“We’re just so happy to bring something so meaningful to someone around the holidays. We are really happy that we can do this for our community, ”said Ingrid Hornibrook from Hoops.

Cretens said she plans to go through the box and make some of the recipes in honor of her mother and grandmother.

“My mother left a couple of recipe boxes and one of her friends, we copied the recipes and put them in a folder to keep. So it’s really nice to have more to see if there are different ones or what’s in there, I have no idea, ”said Cretens.

Cretens adds that she now has a secret of her own, discovering something they never knew was missing.

A story that is passed on through generations with many recipes.

Maggie Cretens tells her family story around recipes
Maggie Cretens tells her family story around recipes(kbjr 6 / cbs 3)

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