New Day Cafe: Max Miller’s Roman Recipes


The cookbook of Apicius and Ancient Roman shells [13:20]

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The lost aphrodisiac of ancient Rome or Fish with silphium sauce

Silphium is believed to have been harvested to the point of extinction.

Silphium was eaten and used as a spice in many different dishes in ancient Greece and Rome. The stalks and leaves were chopped or grated over dishes such as Parmesan and it was said to be very good mixed in sauces and salts. The leaves have been added to salads for a healthy option. The crispy stalks were often roasted, boiled, or sautéed.…

The recipe is in the YouTube description. [18:41]

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Ancient Roman Bread

In AD 79, a baker in Pompeii fled for his life when Mount Vesuvius erupted and burned his bread. Build the Panis Quadratus with me and explore the history of Pompeii and this iconic loaf of bread.

From the YT description

Recipe is in the YT description. [12:17]

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Parthian chicken out ancient Rome

The Parthian chicken is so named because of the addition of asafetida, a derived ingredient through trade with the Parthians.…

Recipe is in the YT description. [16:55]

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Trimalchios Feast or Ancient Roman pork with honey

“Trimalchios Banquet” in Petronius’ Satyricon 28-41 (c. AD 75) is the most complete description of the dinner parties of the super-rich in ancient literature.…

No prescription given; this is for anthropological interest. [16:28]

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Oh fun! The festival of naked fertility in ancient Rome or lupercalia

In ancient Rome, celebration began after the ritual sacrifice. When the festival of Lupercal was over, the Luperci would cut strips, also called thongs or februa, from goatskin from the newly sacrificed goats.

Then, naked or nearly naked, they ran around Palantine, whipping any woman within reach with the straps.…

recipe for Roasted goat or lamb It’s in the YT description. [16:32]

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Saturnalia! or Cato’s Cheese Candies (Globi)

Work and business ground to a halt during the Saturnalia. Schools and courts were closed and normal social patterns were suspended.

People decorated their homes with wreaths and other greenery, and discarded their traditional togas in favor of brightly colored clothing known as synthesis. Slaves were also not required to work during Saturnalia, but were allowed to participate in the celebrations; In some cases they sat at the head of the table while their masters served them.…

Recipe is in the YT description. [16:25]

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