Opinion: Chula Vista should not have been “canceled” Christopher Columbus


Red paint from 2019 vandalism on statue in Discovery Park in Chula Vista. Photo by Chris Stone

Chula Vista, the second largest city in San Diego County, is one of the liveliest ethnic minority cities in the United States.

Its 270,000 residents are 59.8% Hispanic and 85% Mexican. The median household income in 2019 was $ 81,727, with a poverty rate of 9.6%, half that of California’s 18.2%.

In contrast, McAllen, Texas has 143,000 people, 84.8% of whom are Hispanic. The median household income is only $ 46,804, and poverty is a whopping 23%, nearly three times that of Chula Vista.

Chula Vista City Council recently voted 4-1 for a perpetual ban. A statue in the city park of Spain-sponsored Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who sailed to America in 1492.

It was withdrawn nationwide last year demonstration It came after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis. It was destroyed several times.

The 4: 1 vote was supported by many in the surrounding community, including many Kumeyaay Indians in the bands Siquan, Viejas, Para and Pasqual. Mary Salas, the Mayor of Chula Vista and of Mexican-American descent, also called for the statue to be removed.

But I don’t think Chula Vista City Council should have removed the statue. Please let me explain.

I was born in Mexico City to a San Diego mother and a Mexican father. I was born with dual citizenship. But the result of my last DNA test is more appropriate.

I found that Native Americans and European ancestors are roughly the same. My DNA shows 48.9% of Native American ancestors and 49.8% of European ancestors (a mix of Germans, Italians, British, French, Greeks, and of course, Spanish).

I’m not against removing the statue, not because I’m a white racist with a torch or worship Confederate war criminals like Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Because I think it’s Italian born Christopher Columbus and his sponsor. Ferdinand and Isabella The inhabitants of Castile in Spain are the three most important in world history.

Yes, Columbus and his sponsors committed many ethical and political sins, both small and large, in our understanding of the 21st century.

Immediately after Columbus landed in America, it was the Caribbean Indians who suffered. Shortly thereafter, Hernán Cortés and his 200 villainous adventurers landed in Mexico and defeated the powerful Aztec empire with their allies, the Mexican Indians.

Without the jealousy of the British and the little disgust of the Spanish, are there any British who have crossed the Atlantic to colonize the United States? English came to Columbus and Cortez for the discovery, conquest, and paradigm of a new world created by gold.

If possible, give the English version of Columbus.

Columbus and Cortez made Spain a major player in Europe for the third century. Spain brought European culture to America. In America, people of Spanish origin dominate almost the entire western hemisphere and still do so through the pure white Spaniards, descendants of the “peninsula”.

Spain’s decline came at the same time as it was driven from Mexico and South America and conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte. Spain seems to be most of Europe today – a good place to visit, but not a big country.

But what would the United States be without Columbus, Cortez, and the horses and gunpowder with which they conquered the new world?

Who defeated the Nazis, the Japanese imperialists and the Soviet communists in my lifetime?

As mentioned earlier, almost half of my DNA is made up of Sioux, Kumeyaay, Comanche, Zozilmaya of Mexico and 70 other Indo-European languages ​​that make up 30% of modern Mexico, the most Indian country in the west. The same as. Hemisphere.

While most of the Indians were hunter-gatherers and the Aztecs were preoccupied with human sacrifice, Columbus paid three small boats and Spanish sailors who envisioned a new world dominated by Spain. We are today as we changed the history of the world.

What would happen today without Columbus and Cortez?

Raoul Lowery Contreras is a Marine Corps veteran, political advisor, and author of a new book. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPS) and Mexicans. His work is featured on the New American News Service of the New York Times Syndicate.

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