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Gresham High grad Ramia Khoury serves Syrian, Mediterranean cuisine in rural Clackamas County.

Although Ramia Khoury grew up around her family and cooking, she never imagined that one day she would serve food to clients from her own restaurant.

When Sandlandia World Cuisine Food Cart Pod joined Sandy in 2017, Khoury was nonetheless inspired to bring her own shopping cart and serve food that represents her Syrian heritage at Rom’s Gyro Grill.

Khoury’s family immigrated from Syria when she was 12, and she later graduated from Gresham High before attending Mt Hood Community College.

Since coming to the States, Khoury has always lived in Oregon. She currently resides in Damascus and serves gyros, Syrian and other dishes from the kitchen from her food truck, now located in downtown Boring.

Most of Khoury’s food experience has come from cooking with her family and working in her older sister’s deli.

Though her menu includes a wealth of Mediterranean options, Khoury says she tries to keep things simple.

“When I moved in with Sandy, not many people had heard of gyros,” she says. Over time, Khoury moved her wagon from Sandy to Boring but kept a following of Sandy and Estacada while gaining new regulars and teaching people about the food she grew up eating.

While gyros packed with fresh meat, vegetables and yogurt-based tzatziki appear healthier than some American drive-thru options, Khoury said her menu is her version of “fast food.” But instead of Big Mac, she offers falafel. The only similarity, however, is that you can order fries with it.

In the past, Khoury worked at her sister’s deli, at a frozen yogurt stand – “before frozen yogurt was so popular”. She also worked as an interpreter and cleaner. PMG PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Khoury says about 70% of her business comes from repeat customers.

That being said, Khoury is very happy in her current position as an Entrepreneur and Chef at Gyro Grill at 28425 SE Highway 212, Boring.

“I love working with people and seeing my regulars,” she said.

In 2017, Khoury experienced a break-in to her car while it was in Sandy, and she said she was “overwhelmed by the kindness” of people who came to support her after the news broke. She recalled that numerous people tried to tip her extremely over in order to rebuild her earnings.

She estimates that around 70% of her business comes from repeat customers.

“I started entertaining at a young age and now it’s like I’m basically entertaining, but I get paid for it,” Khoury said. “That’s what we did: Families would always get together and invite friends over and break bread. Showing hospitality has always been a theme in my family.”

You can experience Khoury’s contemporary hospitality by dining or taking away at Rome’s Gyro Grill on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 11am to 6.30pm or on Wednesday or Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

“It was nothing but a wonderful experience,” she said.

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