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RIAD: The Italian embassy in Riyadh launched a special national branding campaign promoting Made in Italy on Thursday at a reception at the ambassador’s residence in the diplomatic quarter.

The campaign was developed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with the Italian trade agency ICE and officially opened on November 29th with a presentation by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio to the international press.

Di Maio said: “The aim of this first nation branding campaign is to explain in 360 degrees who we are, based on the values ​​that identify Italy.”

The campaign is aimed at “those who look from the outside and do not yet know us or only know us superficially” and should “understand who we are” and “what we produce and what we can do”. “

“That is why the first phase of the campaign, which lasts until March next year, focuses on the story of our values ​​that make Italians around the world special: creativity, passion, tradition, style, innovation and diversity,” said the Minister.

The second phase from March to August includes targeted media initiatives to promote specific high-quality production chains “Made in Italy”.

This campaign aims to help small and medium-sized Italian companies to become better known in Saudi Arabia.

Roberto Canton, Italian ambassador

BeIT covers 26 countries in Europe, Asia and North America – the reference markets for Italian exports and those with high potential for their products. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries involved in the communication campaign.

The initiative has a global dimension, speaks in an original and innovative way to the international public about Italy, its values, skills and exceptional potential, supports the internationalization of the supply chains of the Italian production system and expands and diversifies the reference foreign markets for Italian small and medium-sized companies .

Developed mainly on digital channels, the campaign involves building a new visual and linguistic identity for promoting Italy in the world with specific platforms and “landing pages”, social profiles and original content (texts, audio and video) generated during the campaign to be created.

Speaking to Arab News, the Italian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Roberto Cantone, said: “We started the nation branding campaign in Saudi Arabia because they like Italy and know Italian brands very well. Such initiatives are also very important because the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of interaction difficulties; This will help to realign the relations between the two friendly countries and also to explain what Italy can offer in different areas: culture, economy and entertainment. “

In addition to promoting Italy as a brand, beIT will support the internationalization of the supply chains of the country’s production systems and help to expand and diversify the foreign reference markets for small and medium-sized Italian companies. As the envoy said: “The big Italian brands like Ferrari, Maserati or Italian fashion brands don’t really need this campaign to advertise their products because they are well known, but what is special about Italy is that there are many small and medium-sized companies that offer very high quality products, and this campaign will help make SMEs better known in Saudi Arabia. “

Regarding the defense partnership, the envoy said: “I think that security is a very important issue worldwide and that is why Italy is very well known by companies like Leonardo, a major player in the aerospace industry. That kind of relationship with Saudi Arabia already exists and we will try to foster it through much more cooperation. “

Valerio Cendali Pignatelli, head of the economic and trade department of the Italian embassy, ​​said in a presentation on bilateral trade that AgustaWestland-Leonardo Helicopters is developing helicopter transport services in Saudi Arabia and that 60 AW139 helicopters are already being made available to institutional and private customers. including The Helicopters Company (THC), owned by the Public Investment Fund.

When asked about Italy’s participation in the Riyadh Season, Cantone said: “The company that organized the big event presentation at the inauguration was an Italian company. I hope that we will organize bigger events in Riyadh next year and that our very famous Andrea Bocelli will perform in Riyadh. “

The Italian tenor and opera singer delighted the night owls on April 8 of this year at a concert in the Hegra World Heritage Site in AlUla.

Regarding Saudi-Italian relations in information and communication technology, Pignatelli said that the Blue and Raman Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Systems connect India to Europe via Saudi Arabia. Implementation partners are Google in cooperation with Sparkle (the Italian telecommunications service provider) and Zain Saudi Arabia.

Italian exports to Saudi Arabia totaled 3.2 billion euros ($ 3.6 billion) in 2020, while imports from Saudi Arabia totaled 2.9 billion euros.

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