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Reach a Michelin star is tedious and rare for every chef, but an American chef has never received two stars at the age of 30.

Chef Ryan Ratino won his first star in 2019 for Bresca, his popular French-influenced restaurant. What is more unusual, however, is that his new chef de cuisine, Jônt, which has been awarded two Michelin stars, did so straight away during the pandemic.

What makes Ratino a phenomenal chef is his passion for expressing the essence of his ingredients. He understands the connection between taste, origin, cultivation and cultivation of food, which is why he is committed to sustainability, cooking from nose to tail and shopping on site. He believes that locally produced traditional pork “is a way forward for our profession to help with environmental problems”.

Rather than relying on a select few cuts of meat, Ratino likes unused cuts of pork because “these cuts are usually the tastiest.” One of his favorite pork suppliers is Autumn Olive Farms in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. This regenerative farm provides the restaurant with Berkebaw pork from an exclusive cross of Ossabaw and Berkshire pigs that Ratino uses for stunning, delicious results.

Ryan Ratino 2

Ratino extracts hidden flavors by dry aging “the entire back of the pig to develop an even deeper flavor in the meat. Our preferred aging time is 90 days.” This process intensifies the umami taste and leads to “a fat that becomes even smoother when cooked”.

Ratino shares three pork recipes, each with affordable cuts that are perfect for entertaining or anytime.

BBQ pork shoulder confit

Chef Ryan Ratino shares his take on grilled pork with a fork-tender, confit-style shoulder that will melt in your mouth.

Pork rag

This traditional rag recipe from renowned Washington chef Ryan Ratino would make Nonna proud. A buttery kiss at the end ensures its creamy texture.

Roast pork roasted twice

Ryan Ratino, a Michelin-starred Washington chef, uses restaurant techniques and pantry ingredients to get most of the flavor out of the pork loin.


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