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This is because the glass from grocery jars is not very thick. They can break or explode in extreme heat.

“Instead, use jars that are specifically designed for canning,” Sweers said. “Many are inexpensive and readily available.”

Another common canning mistake is when people create their own recipes.

“Chefs can invent their own recipes for everything else,” Sweers said. “Canned food, on the other hand, requires scientifically tested, USDA-approved recipes that must be strictly followed.”

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Additionally, additional starches, flours, and thickeners must be avoided as they can slow down the rate of heat penetration, which can lead to inadequate processing.

Canned food manufacturers also have to forego adding extra onions, chillies, peppers, and other vegetables to salsas and sauces.

“Recipes tested indicate the amount of vegetables the salsa or sauce will keep within the safe pH range,” Sweers said. “Most vegetables are low in acid, and additional ones dilute the acid, resulting in an unsafe product.”

She added that the boiling water bath or the pressurized cans were the only methods allowed. Other means should be avoided as the food may no longer be safe.

This can upset canners who cling to outdated techniques.



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