Protect yourself from theft in Barnegat, LBI and Stafford



Thefts on the Jersey Shore have increased and the Stafford Township Police Department and Barnegat Police Department are taking this seriously. You want to make sure that you know and can protect your property and family. Here’s what’s going on:

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Lock. Your. Doors.

To date, the Stafford Township Police Department reports that 23 vehicle-related thefts and dozens of items stolen from unlocked vehicles have occurred in the Long Beach Island, Barnegat and Stafford area alone. You work hard to find those responsible but want to make sure you are aware of this. “Don’t be the next victim” warn them.

A few minutes ago, Barnegat police reported that they had arrested four people and charged them with theft and conspiracy to steal motor vehicles in Barnegat. They say it was a team effort that included Stafford, Atlantic City Police Departments, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department and the Ocean County Attorney’s Office. You want to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. “The commission of crimes in Barnegat parish will have consequences.”

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