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Known for her ability to create intense and delicious flavors in under 30 minutes, Rachael Ray is our first choice when we need ideas for midweek meals. Ray’s recipes are easy to prepare, don’t require complicated ingredients, and best of all, they’re packed with flavors we know and love. Ray’s meals are particularly family-friendly because they often take classics like mac and cheese or lasagna and give the dish a twist that makes it unique and familiar at the same time. Here are seven times how Rachael Ray turned classic recipes we love into delicious dishes we want to devour.

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Green puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca traditionally consists of a long pasta, olives and tomatoes. Ray’s version adds some green with the addition of celery, mint, and parsley. She also adds canned tuna for a protein punch.

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Pasta Alla Gricia

Pasta alla Gricia is a traditional Roman dish, but Ray adds tons of extra flavor by adding shallots and crispy toasted mushrooms.

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Cacio and Pepe popcorn

If you thought adding butter and some parmesan cheese to your popcorn would be good, wait until you’ve tried Ray’s recipe for cacio e pepe popcorn.

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Cobb salad

If you’ve bought a Costco fried chicken and have some left over, why not add it to Rachel’s take on a classic Cobb salad? The addition of rotisserie chicken adds some hearty protein and transforms the dish from a side dish to a main dish.

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Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese on its own is great, but Rachael Ray’s Bombay-inspired grilled cheese is out of this world. Rays sandwiches are packed with fresh herbs, pickled Indian vegetables, and masala to add a truly unique twist to this old kid’s favorite dish.

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Hot dogs

Typical hot dog toppings include ketchup, mustard, onions, and chilli, but Rachael Ray’s hot dogs take things to a whole other level with their intense BBQ flavor and crispy potato chip topping.

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Deviled Chicken Dip

Devil eggs? Boring. Deviled Chicken or Crab Dip? A delicious explosion of flavors. Ray’s recipe calls for a combination of lots of fresh herbs and flavorful ingredients like mustard and Worcestershire sauce to create its delicious flavor profile.

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