Ralph’s Italian Deli on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: A Hidden Gem


One of my favorite things about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is that there are so many small and unique towns that have absolute staples for the community. From what I’m learning, Ralph’s Italian Deli in the small town of Ishpeming, just outside of Marquette, might just be the place for her. From the outside it looks like a normal small town deli, but when you step inside you can see that not only does it have a lot to offer, but people from all over the state and country have come to take a little piece of Ralph’s.

Cory Kattelus has spent a lot of time discovering places up north that the rest of the state may not be privy to. As someone heading north in a couple of weeks, it comes just in time as he expresses his love for the deli and their pizza:

It’s that thin, square, UP style cut that can be found in many places up here, very similar to the Chicago tavern style. The house sauce is fantastic, of course. They use a unique, very flavorful cheese mixture and Cudighi not only makes a delicious sandwich, but is also a delicious pizza topping. I was also correct in assuming they would serve an excellent meatball sandwich. Plus it’s called Giardiniera because, to paraphrase Mr. Fieri, this stuff would actually be good on a flip-flop.

I had never heard of Ishpeming city before, but it looks like I’m about to hit the ground running on my vacation. Check out what the deli has to offer below.

Pizza, Pies and Cudighi Oh my god! This northern Italian deli has it all.

Another gem in the heart of Ishpeming, a town in Marquette County on the Upper Peninsula, is a must-see for anyone traveling north. With the selection and homemade products, you are sure to stay in business for a long time. Take a look at their delicacies …


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