Reopening of a classic Italian restaurant in upstate New York


A Utica restaurant here in upstate New York is ready to reopen its doors to hungry customers.

That Ambassador Restaurant is open again in Utica. On Facebook came the announcement that after 2 years of closure it’s finally time to open the doors again:

After two long years the time has finally come, we are happy to announce that we will be fully open again on June 2nd!”

If you are familiar with Utica over the yearsYou will remember the Alpenrestaurant:

Where you had to wait for your dinner but when it finally arrived it was absolute perfection. Old Italian with Frank Sinatra always playing over the sound system.”

The Ambasador has some old world charm with decorations and food, but you’ll find a different owner than the Alpine. You can call 315-507-3953 for reservations.

Popular pizzeria Utica is closing doors and invoking new ownership

Many local businesses have closed their doors in recent years. Another had done the same thing in the Utica area, one you may have visited in the past. Rosato’s Pizzeria and Bakery on Champlin Ave in Utica is no longer in business

According to the Post, the store has been purchased and the new owners are currently in the process of remodeling the building’s interior and opening under a new name. There’s no word on whether it will remain a pizzeria or if it will switch to something else entirely. There’s also no word on when we can expect the doors to open for the new store.

You can read more online here.

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