Rovinj has many attractions, but there’s a reason the Old Town is TripAdvisor’s best


There are small, charming towns nestled in beautiful locations around the world. Then there’s Rovinj, the beautiful port town on the Istrian peninsula that seems to have everything a holidaymaker’s heart (and eyes) could ever desire. Of course we love our London and our Chicago. But for those who’ve tasted the intoxicating small-town drink, there’s simply no turning back. For many, a string of hotels or attractions from the cookie cutter no longer holds them captive. Instead, many now want local food, local attractions, and a more than cursory encounter with a certain lifestyle.


Luckily, Croatia has its fair share of these stunning small-town destinations. And Rovinj is one of them. However, Rovinj itself is a bundle of several attractions, most of which are spectacular in their own right.

But there is one tripadvisor was rated as the best. And this is the old town. Here’s why.

Why Rovinj vacationers can’t get enough

Rovinj is located in Istria, the stunning peninsula in north-west Croatia. Its old town therefore has that Istrian flair and flair that has consistently made the 3600 square kilometer peninsula a popular favorite with travellers.

Judging from the evocative nickname “Little Venice,” one might not wonder why vacationers are swept away by its charm. Venice is of course one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

Even if we’re only guided by its evocative nickname, Rovinj immediately conjures up images of fabulous architecture, tiny streets and a romantic allure, just like its Italian namesake.

And, as you’d expect, Rovinj has an ambience that’s a mix of utter authenticity and ethereal fairy tale.

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On either side of the narrow, winding streets, most of which are both quaint and laid-back, are shops that also exude that antique look that many of us would readily fall in love with. And the real gem is the old town.

That is why the old town of Rovinj is the most beautiful (and most preferred)

Ranking a travel destination is difficult. Travelers have their stubborn demands and difficult framework conditions. Most of the time, consensus is as elusive as spotting the high-fin dragonfish—which can only be found in sea depths of more than 300 meters.

Luckily, there are objective ways to find out travelers’ best tips. One of them is through reviews.

And according to TripAdvisor, the online travel information exchange with over 490 million monthly active users, The historic old town of Rovinj is the most popular Destination in and around Rovinj. Obviously there are reasons.

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Visiting a destination only to find that the city is so touristy that its own character has been lost is usually a major disappointment. That is why the old town of Rovinj is something special.

The antique shops and small boutiques that line the cobbled streets of Rovinj’s Old Town are stocked with local and homemade goodies, sold by local residents in an enticingly local ambience.

Rovinj’s Old Town is not a tired, generic recreation of a typical western inner city. And to be honest, for many travelers that authentic look, that uniquely different aura, IS the appeal. It’s never the glitz or glamor – even if they may be in abundance. But there are other draws.

The old town of Rovinj is car-free. It’s a paradise for those tired of the honking and thumping of dodging cars – characteristic of many inner-city areas of large cities.

Aside from the alluring serenity that naturally ensues, the sheer ease of strolling unstressed and unhurried through the beautiful, narrow streets is an element many will enjoy.

While beauty is everywhere in Rovinj’s Old Town, the highlight is Grisia Street, the longest and most famous street in the Old Town. While most streets in the Old Town are decorated with beautiful marble stepping stones, Grisia Street displays them in a more extravagant way.

For many holidaymakers, Grisia Street is also the city’s craftsmen’s paradise. And not only in the appearance of its beautiful streets.

The street has shops lavishly (and of course aesthetically) stocked with several painting exhibitions. We haven’t even touched on the food or talked about the amazing Italian architecture.

What you need to know before visiting Rovinj Old Town

Before you visit any travel destination, a few advance warnings are crucial. And the old town of Rovinj is no different.

First of all, in some streets the old marble has worn away, leaving a smoother and shinier exterior. And that’s the danger. When there is some moisture, the roads can be slippery. Because of this, it is important to wear shoes that have a firm grip.

While the enchanting beauty of Rovinj’s Old Town is unresponsive to time or tide, morning hours are usually calm and deserted – providing the perfect setting for a stroll through the cobbled streets.

Whatever you do in Rovinj Old Town, a visit without a walk by the sea is half a visit. Thousands of TripAdvisor users have ranked the Old Town as TripAdvisor’s best for its architecture, looks and ambiance.


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