Salt Bae’s London restaurant is among the 100 worst rated in the city


Popular chef Salt Bae’s infamous London steakhouse Nusr-Et is among the 100 worst rated restaurants in the city.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse opened in Knightsbridge last September but has since been inundated with bad reviews from guests.


It now ranks 17,423 out of 17,493 online London restaurants – just 69 places above the lowest rated place to eat, The Independent reported. The ratings are so bad that Sal Bae or Nusret Gökçe will question his investment.

From 132 reviews so far, there are a total of two stars. Among them, 74 reviewers called their experience at the restaurant “terrible,” while 10 called it “poor,” and another 5 called it “average.” It couldn’t be worse!

Only 30 rated the restaurant as “very good”.

Looking at the reviews on Tripadvisor, they are not a good read for Sal Bae.

Salt Bae

“Want [have] been better off at a Harvester or a local pub. And the prices are ridiculous just for the exaggerated idea of ​​how food is on social media because a few “celebrities” have been there… Stay away, like MILES away!!!” said one reviewer.

“Considering how much you pay; The service is terrible. They changed our table twice to accommodate walk-in customers,” said another customer.

“We were pushed by the staff to order and then rushed to pay the bill and leave. They brought us the bill without even asking before we even finished dessert! Not worth the price,” complained another customer.

Nusret Gokce became an internet sensation a few years ago after his unique technique of preparing and seasoning meat became an internet meme, which earned him the nickname “Salt Bae”. He now spends all his time in his many fancy restaurants, catering to renowned celebrities and politicians.

The opening of Salt Bae’s London restaurant was met with a lot of fanfare, but people were shocked at the high prices.

The seemingly glamorous fine-dining restaurant was called out by Twitter users after a bill from the restaurant surfaced online.

The bill listed 22 different items ordered at the restaurant. The cheapest item was £9 and a Turkish tea was complimentary. What stunned netizens, however, was the price of items like fries, a giant tomahawk steak, a burger, shrimp tempura rolls.

A single meal at the restaurant cost customers 1800 pounds or approximately Rs. 1.80 lakh.

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