Stunning underwater images nominated for Sony World Photography Awards 2022


The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards 2022 was announced.

Several stunning underwater images featuring both animals and people are contenders this year. These photos include a stunning top and bottom split image of the world’s first submarine greenhouse.Nemo’s garden‘, which is just off the coast of Italy.

Sony World Photography Awards 2022 – Giacomo Orlando

The work is by an Italian photographer Giacomo d’Orlando who said:

“This fully self-sustaining project explores an alternative cultivation system that could be used in areas where environmental or geomorphological conditions make it almost impossible for plants to grow. The encouraging results of recent years, in which more than 40 crop species have been successfully cultivated, give reason to hope that a sustainable farming system has been developed to cope with the new challenges of climate change.”

Another stunning series of images was captured by a US photographer and caver Martin Brun.

Sony World Photography Awards 2022 - Martin Broen
Sony World Photography Awards 2022 – Martin Broen

A contender in the Landscape category, the photo captures a diver exploring underwater caves in the Yucatan Peninsula. Describes the speleothems in his recording, Broen stated:

“These decorations have taken thousands of years to form. A majestic world that lies beneath our feet, little known because it is difficult to reach and photograph without natural light behind the entry points. These are locations that can be hours away from the nearest safe exit through a maze of underwater tunnels, but which can (for the daring photographer) offer some unique experiences to photograph.”

A finalist in the Wildlife & Nature category, photographer from Great Britain Graham Purdy captured an intriguing image of a seal gracefully spinning around a ball of bait.

Sony World Photography Awards 2022 Finalist - Graeme Purdy
Sony World Photography Awards 2022 Finalist – Graeme Purdy

Purdy photographed the image off the coast of Baja, California. comments on his shot and nature, purdy stated:

“Although two-thirds of the world is covered by seas and oceans, we know so little about this world. Our lack of understanding is caused in part by the remoteness and challenges of experiencing these environments. We’re often content with inshore marine life experiences: coral or rock can provide a level of reliable experience. But our deep oceans remain otherworldly. It drove and inspired me to photograph these places. Showing the beauty of the oceans and seas is our first step in connecting with the wildlife that lives there.”

You will find the Sony World Photography Awards 2022 Shortlisted on the The Daily Mail website.


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