Tales of Arise Sashimi Recipe


the Tales of Arise Sashimi Recipe is one of many recipes your characters can learn to make to get different boosts. As with most of the recipes in the game, it takes a little work to unlock. By that I mean you need to find and heal a very specific NPC. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find the sashimi recipe and how to get it.

Tales of Arise Sashimi Recipe

Where can I find the place for sashimi recipes in Tales of Arise?

To find the location of the sashimi recipe in Tales of Arise, you will have to play through the game until you reach the area called Lavtu Marshlands in Ganath Haros. Once you get to this zone, you’ll need to make your way to the larger island to the southwest of the map. In the southernmost corner of the island, an NPC is sitting next to a rock wall. Use Shionne to heal the NPC, then talk to her. To return you the favor, she gives you the sashimi recipe. If you’re not sure where to find this character, check out the map below to see exactly where to go.

where can i find sashimi recipe place stories of how to get there
Location of the sashimi recipe

The recipe description reads: “Thinly sliced ​​seafood. Each type of meat requires a different cutting method in order to bring out the best in its innate flavor. ”True words indeed. The ingredients for the sashimi recipe in Tales of Arise are a sea bream, a salmon, a flatfish and a mackerel. I look forward to it at the mere thought, to be honest. The effect it has gives you a little EXP boost.

That’s all you need to know I guess. If you have any further questions about Tales of Arise, allow me to direct you to our other guides. Among others we have articles like How to Get Dark Tree Blood, Big Basket or Little Basket – Owl Sanctuary and Mysterious Fragment For Mystic Crest.


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