Tasty Mustard Recipes: From Salad to Chicken; Spice Up Your Meal By Adding The Spicy Spice To These 5 Delicious Recipes (Watch Videos)


Jill Sengstock founded Mustard Day on a whim in 1988, and foodies have been celebrating the yellow spice every first Saturday of August ever since. National Mustard Day 2022 was observed on August 6th, giving you the chance to take this spice out of its yellow bottle and enjoy its flavors and varieties. The culinary delight is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt and was used for medicinal purposes as well as seasoning. We’ve put together some tasty dishes you can make with mustard to tantalize your taste buds. From using it as a cooking oil to salad dressings, here are seven ways to consume mustard in dishes.

1. Egg and mustard sandwich for breakfast

2. Enjoy the delicious flavors of this creamy mustard chicken

3. Roasted Honey Mustard Chicken

4. Fresh salad with mustard dressing

5. Pork Chops with Creamy Mustard Sauce

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