Ten things to know before Del Mar’s opening day


Del Mar welcomes fans back on Friday, July 16, on the opening day of the 2021 summer season. Whether you’re on the track or joining from home, we have 10 things you need to know before the big event.

1. If you don’t have a ticket, plan to watch it online or on TV.

Del Mar opening day tickets are already sold out and California law does not allow walking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join the fun, either by watching TV or opening a TVG betting account and following Action on your phone.

Follow Del Mars social accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and / or Facebook will also give you inside insights on Del Mar’s opening day, so be sure to check them out ASAP.

Would you like tickets for later in the meeting? Go to the Del Mar digital ticket booth and grab your tickets now.

2. After parties are in abundance.

Del Mars’ official afterparty takes place at Rancho Valencia, but there are also events at L’Auberge Hotel, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe… as well as unofficial afterparties that will most likely take place in every bar and restaurant in town. Be ready for a party!

3. Trevor Denman is back!

Beloved track announcer Trevor Denman didn’t make it to Del Mar last year due to the pandemic, so fans are excited to welcome him back in 2021.

4. Wear a hat because there’s a competition!

Whether or not you snagged your opening day tickets, make sure you wear your favorite topper and take part in the hat contest. There are winners in four categories: Most Glamorous, Best Flowers, Best Fascinator and Best Race Theme / All Others. If you’re not on the right track but still want to enter, please send a picture of your preferred category to [email protected] between 8:00 am and 11:00 am PT on Friday, July 16.

5. Know the races of the day.

Del Mar’s opening day features some great races including the featured Runhappy Oceanside Stakes. While the full racing program is not yet available at the time of publication, the most important thing to know is that the first race will take place in the afternoon at 2 p.m. PT, giving fans plenty of time to have a leisurely lunch before they go go to the track.

6. Make a note of the text for the title song.

One of the coolest things about Del Mar is that it has its own theme song written by co-founder Bing Crosby!

“Where the Turf Meets the Surf” is sung every day and there is even a competition with Breeders’ Cup World Championship tickets at stake!

The texts are as follows:

Where the lawn meets the surf

Down in old Del Mar

Take a plane

Take the train

Take a car

There’s a smile on every face

And a winner in every race

Where the lawn meets the surf

At Del Mar.

7. Open an online betting account well in advance of the race.

Wanna bet? Of course you do! The best way to bet on Del Mar from home is through TVG, the track’s official online betting partner. You can sign up right here, but make sure you do so a day or two before Friday if you plan to play on opening day: it may take a few days for you to add funds to your account.

8. If you’re on the right track, tacos and margaritas are on the menu.

If you’re on the right track on opening day – or any time of the year – be sure to try two delicacies that Del Mar is famous for: the del margarita and the fish tacos. The former is available in every local bar, the latter is best in the 17 Hands restaurant right next to the paddock. Yum!

9. Beach Boss is back.

For expert advice on entering the inaugural races, head to Beach Boss, where journalist Ray Paulick takes on a challenger to see who can win the most in a selected race. Do you think you are good enough to win? Then take on the daily competition against Ray and test your skills!

10. There are some new spins for favorite bets.

This year Del Mar is introducing a Rainbow Pick 6 with a minimum investment of $ 0.20 to replace its classic Pick 6 with a minimum investment of $ 2. A Pick Six means that a player must correctly select the winners from six consecutive races. A winning ticket is paid a percentage of the pool unless there is a single winning ticket. In this case, the winner will receive the entire amount of the pool. If there isn’t a single winning ticket on one day, a percentage of the money wagered will be carried over to the jackpot for the next day. Pay attention to mandatory payout days, because then the entire money pool is up for grabs and there are many opportunities for huge scores.

Also new on the opening day? Instead of a minimum stake of $ 1, there is a minimum stake of $ 0.50 on the Super High Five bet, a bet that prompts horse players to choose the first five finishers in certain races.


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