The 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Brampton


Brampton Halal restaurants offer a wide range of cuisine for those who follow the guidelines of Islamic law.

As populations grow in both Canada and the GTA, it is important to recognize and respect the diverse dietary practices in our multicultural society.

Although more than 1.5 million Canadians identify as Muslim, Halal foods are consumed by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Here are some of the best halal restaurants in Brampton that cater to this increasing demand.

Biryani King

A local favorite for their Pakistani-style biryani rice dishes, this hot takeaway has been packing succulent halal meats in generous wraps of saffron-dyed and cinnamon-scented basmati rice for two decades. In addition to biryani, you can also order traditional curries, tandoori grilled dishes or snacks such as samosas, pakoras and wraps.

Lena’s Roti & Doubles

This halal-certified Caribbean and Indian table is best known for its Trinidadian double dishes and curried goat or chicken rotis. Delve into the menu to find other treasures including bakes and saltfish, or pies including aloo, chicken or shrimp. Come hungry or prepare to feed a crowd with the generous portions served up by this independent chain.

Sabroso Pita Express

This small local Middle Eastern-Mediterranean restaurant specializes in chicken and beef shawarma in platter or pita form, accompanied by a selection of homemade sauces. Try falafel and ground beef and lamb gyros, souvlaki and spanakopita, but the fresh, juicy and flavorful shawarma is what keeps diners coming back for more.

RD’s Southern BBQ

Fancy slow smoke barbecue, Creole and Cajun food? Stop by Brampton North for Tennessee-style barbecue and RD signature dishes prepared by Chef Jean Rimple and his crew, including smoked pork, halal beef or chicken platters, and Southern favorites like jambalaya, gumbo and shrimp po’ boy .

Kwality sweets and restaurant

Since 1996, this incredibly popular family business has been serving up traditional East Indian fare and more than 70 unique sweets, cakes and pastries. Made by confectionery makers from India, each with at least 30 years’ experience, you’ll find Indian desserts such as ladoos, soft and translucent petha, and a range of fudge-like burfi.

In addition to the numerous Indian options, Kwality Sweets also makes Bengali sweets like Malai sandwiches and fried flower-shaped amriti drenched in a sweet syrup.

Royal Kabob Afghan cuisine

From delicately seasoned beef shami to tender and seasoned tandoori chicken, charcoal-broiled or grilled kabobs are the specialty at this Afghan restaurant. Delve deeper into the menu and you’ll find grilled chapli kabobs, shawarma platters, lamb shank dinners and fish and chips.

pepper on the side

Opened in 2015, this family business serves Trinidadian comfort food that uses custom blends of curries and spices from recipes passed down through the generations. Choose from double rooms – including gourmet versions with goat and prawns, curries and rotis. There are many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

Caravan Kabob House

This fast casual family restaurant takes a nutritionally balanced approach to the traditional cuisine they offer. The selection of halal-certified Afghan dishes is enhanced with the restaurant’s specialty spices and herbs, ranging from well-prepared naan to fragrant dishes featuring whole sea bass and halal beef or chicken over rice.

Tandoori Flame Brampton

Since 2009, this sprawling 14,000-square-foot space has offered guests up to 150 items to choose from in their grand buffet. As the largest Indian buffet in North America, everything from chatt papri and chana bhatura to laal maas and karahi is prepared from scratch. For great takeaway meals for one, check out their Thalis.

silver spoon

Known for its quick service and good value for money, this restaurant has been serving Pakistani, Indian and Hakka Halal cuisine since 2001. From butter chicken, chicken tikka, and meat samosas to tandoori gobi and aloo, expect generous portions.


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