The 10 Best Rated Restaurants in Murrells Inlet


Murrells Inlet, SC (WBTW) – Tired after a day in Brookgreen Gardens or Huntington Beach State Park? Refresh yourself at a popular local restaurant.

We have compiled a list of some of the most popular restaurants in Murrells Inlet. Sit on some seafood and oysters or visit the Marsh Walk for more options.

A restaurant had to have at least 50 reviews at the time of publication to qualify for the list. Local businesses are preferred.

According to Yelp, here are the 10 top rated restaurants in Murrells Inlet:

  1. The grilled cheese and crab cake

Location: 2520 Highway. 17 business

Four and a half stars from 590 reviews

Here is a winning combination. “Best grilled cheese in the state?” wrote one Yelp user. “You bet!” While you’re there, try the crab melt or the grilled lobster cheese…and don’t forget to get a tomato soup to go with all that ooey goodness.

  1. Southside Grill

Location: 804 Inlet Square Dr. unit 1

Four and a half stars from 149 reviews

Southside Grill is popular, so recommend the reviewers make a reservation. Most of the Yelp comments highlighted the good service. One states: “The atmosphere is very relaxed and it felt like we were staying at someone’s house with family, just relaxing and eating good food.” The restaurant is closed Sunday through Tuesday.

  1. Millstone Biscuit Co

Location: 2751 Highway. 17 N. Business

Five stars from 52 reviews

Listen, Millstone makes biscuits and they do it well. “Great cookies and gravy!” said one review. “My wife usually puts great emphasis on their cookies, and these are accepted by the heart!”

  1. Hot fish club

Location: 4911 Highway. 17 business

Four and a half stars from 517 reviews

The visitors praised the extremely fresh seafood, the whiskey selection and craft beers of Hot Fish Club. “In an area where you can get anywhere seafood, this is the place.” said one commenter. “Period!”

  1. Costa

Location: 4606 US 17 Shop

Four and a half stars from 149 reviews

Costa is an upscale Italian restaurant that specializes in seafood. Reviewers loved the wine pairings, the Italian cream cake with pistachio and the gluten-free pasta options. “The food at Costa is absolutely fantastic,” wrote one Yelp users. “Everything I’ve tried there was incredibly delicious.”

  1. Pacino’s Mediterranean Grill

Location: 3103 Highway. 17 p.

Four and a half stars from 98 reviews

Looking for Italian and Lebanese food? Stop in Pacino’s Mediterranean Grille. Customers describe the food as authentic and the atmosphere as intimate. One person commented, “I can not say much more than fan-freaking-tastic.”

  1. Poppy’s Burgers & Subs

Location: 3290 S. Hwy. 17

Four and a half stars from 120 reviews

The burger and sub spot was called “quirky.” “Very underrated, probably one of the best sub and burger places I’ve ever been to, everything is done super fast,” reads one review. And be sure not to go, without trying a fried Oreo or Twinkie.

  1. Uncle Mikey’s brick oven pizza

Location: 4378 Highway. 17 business

Four and a half stars from 127 reviews

You can rely on Uncle Mikey’s, when it comes to a thin and crispy pizza crust. Yelp users commented that it was an authentic Italian experience and that the restaurant had the best lasagna available. The pizzeria is even praised by Northerners, who said: “We keep coming back when we’re homesick and need a ‘pizza fix’.”

  1. flavors

Location: 10799 Highway. 707 unit 12

Four and a half stars from 99 reviews

Aromas offers New York-style sandwiches, crispy wings and pizzas. “We’ll be coming back again and again,” wrote one reviewer.

  1. Luna Mexican Bar & Grill

Location: Hwy 4450. 17 Ste. D7

Four and a half stars from 160 reviews

Come to Luna for fine Mexican dining, a nice atmosphere, margaritas, and large portions. “Mexican street corn served with lime and that side of tajin… Finger licking Bueno!” Yelp user wrote. “My eclipse margarita captured the total eclipse of my heart.”


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