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For many of us, the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been implanted in our being since the day we were born. No breakfast exemplifies the ideal American breakfast better than a large plate of pancakes and treacle. The perfect breakfast for many of us, myself included, is a heaping plate of pancakes, which I share with my family first thing on a weekend morning.

And yet this breakfast is not at all appealing for almost all other conceivable situations, at least for me.

It’s far too dense and sweet for a normal weekday when you intend to accomplish things, with the sugars holding you on to an otherwise normal work day.

Which brings me to the problem I have with many classic American breakfasts, from cinnamon buns to French toast and all the classic cereals in between: they’re just too sweet. Maybe I’m in the minority, but personally I prefer a sweet treat at the end of the day as some sort of reward for surviving to the end of the day.

The idea of ​​a giant, sickeningly sweet meal to start the day, while delicious and filling, completely repels me. I would never dream of preparing for a test or preparing for a workout with a belly full of French toast; I would pass out half the day and take a two hour nap to pick me up.

But despite this unfulfilling meal to start the day, our other options are generally quite limited.

Aside from eggs, bacon, and sausage, all other meals leave us with either an unnecessarily large amount of sugar or a meal so bland and tasteless I wouldn’t feed my dog.

Every other meal has an endless list of healthier — or even semi-healthier — alternatives, enough to keep things varied and interesting for months before a repeat strikes.

This is really just a problem Americans face. All of my other roommates are non-American, and their idea of ​​breakfast is very different from ours.

Whether it’s a bowl of pasta, a stew or a bowl of curry, your options are usually – just like lunch and dinner for us – limitless! I think this issue should be addressed immediately to save millions of Americans a lifetime of monotonous breakfast meals.

We’ve put dozens of people on the moon and we still can’t recommend a better breakfast than pancakes and syrup. The solution, for me at least, was to try my roommates’ breakfast and try to incorporate it into my own kitchen.

Sometimes I have fried rice from the night before and just add a few eggs and milk to give it that breakfast feel I’ve become so accustomed to. Or maybe I’ll go with a curry and some rice to really fill me up. Once my roommates and I even got together and tried to do a full English
breakfast instead.

After experimenting with a number of other foods, I’ve achieved two epiphanies. Firstly, other types of food are delicious!

There’s a whole world of savory breakfast food I’ve never experienced and I’m loving every minute of it.

Most of the time I feel refreshed for the day and have found that I have more energy when I don’t solely rely on oatmeal or French toast as my number one meal of the day. And secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve found that I’m enjoying that sweet breakfast I’m so used to even more than I did before.

There’s a much bigger difference going from pasta to pancakes, and it makes it even more enjoyable than before.

Even my regular oatmeal meal has become less bland simply because I don’t eat it nearly as often as I did before I started this radically new breakfast journey.

Food variety has brought a whole new wave of excitement to my classic meals, and I’m finding more and more that I look forward to breakfast not as the worst, most monotonous meal of the day, but as the best meal of the day.

I have found joy in enjoying whatever I find interesting for breakfast and I implore you to make the same discovery for yourself.


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