The Cook County Sheriff’s Police Detective has been named Officer of the Year for Resolving the Common Cold


Cook County Sheriff’s Police Detective Ginny Georgantas has been named Officer of the Year 2021 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

She earned the honor by solving the decades-long murder of little twins whose bodies were found in a trash can in the unincorporated township of Stickney in 2003.

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Fifteen years later, Georgantas reopened the case, learned the technique of forensic genealogy, and targeted the twins’ unknown mother – a DNA match now charged with her murder.


“It really hit everyone. Especially back then. You tried so hard to solve it. When genetic genealogy broke out in 2018 so law enforcement agencies could take advantage of this resource, they were the first I thought of. The twins, ”said Det. Georgantas. “Because I just can’t imagine more innocent victims who deserve justice. Nobody fought for them.”

Georgantas is only the second Cook County official to ever win this prestigious award.

The last time it was in 1975.


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