The Loop: Jacqui Lambie Says It’s ‘Time’ For Scott Morrison To Go, Cole’s Vegetable Bag Ban Trial, Liz Cheney To Fight For Nomination And Dogs Get Monkey Pox — How It Happened


Russia says “sabotage” is to blame for a series of massive explosions at military bases in Crimea.

Ukraine has not officially acknowledged or denied responsibility – but it would mean the nation now has it Ability to hit deeper (or they use guerrilla style attacks)

Russia confiscated them Crimea Peninsula in 2014 and has used it to launch attacks against Ukraine in the war that began almost six months ago.

A burning military depot.(Reuters)

Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Najib Razak has lost an offer to get a retrial allegations of corruption in connection with the multi-billion dollar scandal surrounding the 1MDB wealth fund.

He now has no legal recourse other than a final appeal of his conviction and 12 years imprisonment. This appeal runs this week and next.

He will become Malaysia’s first former prime minister to be imprisoned if he fails.

Najib Razak(Reuters:Olivia Harris)

And US President Joe Biden just signed it into law $430 billion Bill seen as that Largest climate package in US history

It aims to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions.

It will also allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for the elderly and ensure corporations and the wealthy pay the taxes they owe.


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