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Something different for lunch or dinner …

Dale Durant loves a modern cooking method that many people have never heard of – and that they are unlikely to use at home.

The hospitality veteran and former flight attendant says that after learning to cook with “Sous Vide” he didn’t look back and when he got to work on realizing his dream of having his own restaurant, he came up with his concept called Sous vide kitchen in the laboratory, all about technology.

Sous vide means “under vacuum” from French, which may sound a little more clinical than culinary. However, the technique is basically just that: food is vacuum sealed and then that pack is placed in water to circulate at a constant temperature, which allows for slow, even cooking. And for Durant, it’s the perfect method.

When you consider the benefits of sous vide prepared foods, you land on the scientific side of culinary art; The ability to control and maintain the temperature takes the guesswork out of cooking, and with plenty of ingredients and cuts of meat, the result is a tender, juicy serving that can be quickly cooked on a grill or in a pan and refined with other components .

Another benefit of Sous Vide is that it uses less fat, i.e. oil or butter, which can appeal to diners looking for a meal that ends up in the “healthier” zone. As a clear boon to his downtown Vancouver restaurant, Durant also sees that sous vide prepared food comes out of the vacuum bag quickly and is ready quickly when the order ticket comes in, perfect for a busy lunch break or pre-show meal.

Durant’s passion for gastronomy began a few years ago while working in some high profile locations in Toronto. Although he eventually switched careers, his love of grocery lingered, and a few years ago he fell in love with the work of the US chef Rich Rosendale. Rosendale teaches culinary workshops online and in person; Durant was eagerly attending one of his Sous Vide classes in Los Angeles and found himself surrounded by professional restaurant chefs eager to improve their game.

Development of his laboratory in the best inner city location

Shortly afterwards, at home in Vancouver, when Durant’s house kitchen was slowly becoming his own sous vide “laboratory”, the idea for a restaurant project matured. After an extensive search for a location, Durant landed on Georgia Street in Seymour in downtown Vancouver and took over the former nosherie rooms at the end of March 2021.

Over the next several months, Durant worked to get the lab off the ground and put together a team; With staff shortages and a few turbulent early days, the restaurant officially opened its doors in October.

The restaurant menu was created by Durant, who ultimately envisions a highly collaborative kitchen environment where aspiring chefs can hone their talents and create and execute dishes in a team style.

The opening menu showcases the flavors of fall and features dishes like a soothing plant-based lentil soup, a bao with an impeccably tender piece of pork belly, and a silky steak served with a surprising combination of fresh figs.

Even the desserts use sous vide. Don’t miss out on what the cooking technique brings to the table in the silky texture of the vanilla pudding and the perfect tea taste of the Earl Gray Crème Brlée or how wonderfully smooth a vanilla ice cream is.

With the goal of having a menu that changes frequently to accommodate seasonality and ingredient availability, Durant also hopes to raise the profile of other small business owners and creatives in the laboratory. He already offers locally made craft sodas from a company called. at Not too cute and would love to see the work of local artists on screens in the dining area.

The lab is currently open for lunch and dinner daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and is located at 575 West Georgia Street. You are on Instagram @laboratorysousvidecuisine.

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