The problem Stanley Tucci has with Italian-American cuisine


Stanley Tucci definitely knows his stuff when it comes to Italian cuisine. Corresponding insider, he hosts “Searching for Italy” on CNN and knows what real Italian food should taste like, having grown up with his grandparents who emigrated from Calabria, Italy. Tucci noted that he was horrified when he went to friends and grew up eating their families’ classic Italian recipes, particularly when he noticed how many recipes use far too many ingredients in the wrong proportions. Tucci explained that authentic Italian cuisine doesn’t require as much sauce on pasta, and things end up looking a lot more minimalist than their American counterparts, which are loaded with meat, cheese, and sauce.

Tucci emphasized this difference on his show through dishes like cacio e pepe or spaghetti alla nerano, which emphasize zucchini as an ingredient and work despite their sheer simplicity. The actor also noted that he believes the abundance of pasta toppings in America stems from an American craving for abundance and abundance, even when it comes to simple recipes. While this nuanced opinion may seem more divisive than looking at a Hawaiian spaghetti recipe in horror, Tucci’s argument adds another argument to the multitude of reasons why some Italians remain angry at Italian-American cuisine.


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