The tragedy of the Greek discord: The DONG-A ILBO


After the sudden death of Alexander the king, his subordinates found a well-ordered document in his palace: an expedition plan that the deceased had been working on. The sword of this voracious conqueror was aimed everywhere from Sicily, the Italian peninsula, through the Mediterranean cities off the North African coast to the Iberian peninsula. His ambition was to expand further west to claim the entire Mediterranean.

What would have happened if Alexandros had lived another 10 years? Some say the Roman Empire didn’t even exist. Indeed, Rome had fought battles with many tribes in the south after conquering central Italy. There was no hope against the invasion of his army.

Only God knows the answer, but at that time Italy suffered from the invasion of Macedonians and Greeks. Colonial settlements were established by Greek invaders in southern Italy and Sicily. Italy suffered from complete disruption when the Romans, Etruscans, Samnites and Celts competed against each other.

This was a great opportunity for the Greek. Alexander I, the brother of Alexandros’ mother Olympias, and Pyrrhos, the king’s cousin, attacked Italy one after the other in order to realize the dream of an Italian conquest cherished by the Greeks.

But neither succeeded mainly because of the internal dissension of the Greeks. Although there had been attempts to forge a Greek alliance, it appears that the Greek people, a country heavily influenced by the city-state mentality, were unable to see themselves as a single, united nation. In fact, the Greeks never reunited successfully, even when they won the Greco-Persian Wars, let alone the Macedonian invasion of Greece. The chances of an alliance became even smaller when Italy was not far from their mother country. And at that point, Greece forever lost the chance to conquer Italy and transform itself into a European superpower.

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