This Toronto Greek Restaurant Reopens with a Two-Level Bar and Mykonos Vibes (PHOTOS)




Price: $198 for two people

Address: 503 College Street, Toronto, ON

Why you must try it: This year, DaiLo is offering a box of dim sum classics with a twist, like a Big Mac Bao and pastrami spring rolls. There are also five additional dishes including tom yum pudding, lobster pasta, braised pork belly, steamed branzino and a refreshing aloe sorbet.

This menu offers eight individually wrapped courses for one person, but is only sold in pairs. The menu is available via prepaid pickup only and customers can pick it up at the restaurant on February 1st.


SAMBAL Toronto

Price: $58 for two people or $128 for 4 to 6 people

Address: Various locations

Why you must try it: SAMBAL Toronto serves an Indonesian-Chinese fusion menu and features golden fried rice, fried chicken with butter glaze, deep-fried shrimp balls, peach gum, fishball soup and a Filipino appetizer called ngohiong.

But you have to act fast because on January 28th they will stop taking orders for their special menu after midnight!


Hong Shing

Price: $128, serves 3 to 4 people plus tax

Address: 195 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON

Why you must try it: Hong Shing’s Lunar New Year menu is packed with garlic beef tenderloin, seared lobster, fried cod with ginger onions, a mix of assorted wild mushrooms, crab claws and golden fried rice. Customers can also add a refreshing red berry cocktail specially prepared for their festive menu.

These special items are only available for advanced pre-orders between January 29th and February 7th, so make sure you order before supplies run out.


Alma Toronto

Alma Toronto

Price: $60 per person

Address: 1194 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON

Why you must try it: This restaurant offers yuchoy with sesame vinaigrette, duck spring rolls, steamed branzino, stir-fried noodles, persimmon pudding with clementine curd.

These delicious treats are available for pickup and delivery on February 1st and 2nd, but customers can pre-order now through their website.


Yang’s fine Chinese cuisine

Price: $188 for 2 people, $388 for 4 people, $1,298 for 6 people, plus tax

Address: Unit 30 – 9665 Bayview Ave., Richmond Hill, ON

Why you must try it: Yang’s offers three different menus based on your group size. For two, there’s steamed rice and lobster, braised shark fin, dessert and braised dried oyster with black moss.

If you’re dining with four or more people, there’s a separate menu of fish maw soup, suckling pig with jellyfish, and poached gobies.

Dinner for six is ​​a true feast, consisting of a three-course meal featuring king crab, plus five other main courses and desserts.


Yueh Tung restaurant

Price: $88 for 4 to 5 people

Address: 126 Elizabeth St., Toronto, ON

Why you must try it: Yueh Tung Restaurant rings in the New Year with a four-course meal that features a whole tilapia fish, the signature chili chicken, Chinese broccoli, and crab and pork dumplings. They’ll also add some freshly baked Lucky Lotus Blosson cookies, some beers from Hong Shing Restaurant, and three glasses of Hakka sauces to the mix.

While the first round of orders must be picked up between January 26th and 30th, the Resto is opening up orders for a second weekend that will be available until February 5th. They urge customers to call at least 72 hours before the scheduled pickup time.


Lai Wa Heen

Price: A la carte style with prices starting at $25

Address: 108 Chestnut St., Toronto, ON

Why you should definitely try it: With eight different dishes for the Year of the Tiger menu, diners can enjoy a variety of vegetables, crispy chicken stuffed with sticky rice, braised pork, dried oysters served with vegetables, braised abalone and sea cucumber in oyster sauce.

Be sure to call ahead before placing an order.



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