Tim Cook highlights Apple’s data protection for iOS 15 in a new video for the European audience


Apple has released a new video on its official regional YouTube channels for European countries that specifically focuses on the new privacy features of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

The video, simply titled “Privacy,” begins with CEO Tim Cook speaking into the camera explaining Apple’s longstanding stance on the matter:

At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. We work tirelessly to incorporate it into everything we make, and it is fundamental to how we design and develop every product and service we offer around the world.

While others have focused on turning customers into products and gathering ever increasing amounts of personal information, we have focused on how technology can work for people. And that meant introducing a myriad of features that give users visibility and choice in how their data is collected, used, and shared. You can see this in new tools like Privacy Nutrition Labels and App Tracking Transparency, which give users more information, more choice and more transparency about how their data is being used.

We know that privacy is a priority for our users in Europe and around the world. That’s why we always strive to raise the bar with new tools that put people in the driver’s seat as they manage their own data.

The video then cuts into segments from last week’s WWDC keynote, in which Apple executives and engineers explain new features such as Mail Privacy Protection, App Privacy Report, Offline Siri Support and more. Cook then sees the video with the following comments:

These great data protection features are the latest in a long line of innovations our teams have developed to improve visibility and give users control over their data. These features give users peace of mind by giving them control and the freedom to use their technology without worrying about who is watching over their shoulder. At Apple, we’re committed to giving users choices about how their data is used, and keeping privacy and security in mind in everything we do.

‌IOS 15‌ and iPadOS 15 are currently in developer beta, a public beta is coming next month, and the official version is slated for release in the fall.


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