Top TikTok food trends of 2021


The app shared its top trends of the year.

Food TikTok gave a new meaning to populating social media feeds in 2021.

From blocks of baked feta cheese to crispy air-fried noodles, TikTok posted its top trends of the year, and meals were repetitive, according to the video platform. Food producers and viewers have created everything from simple recipes to trying out trending techniques year-round.

“These food videos have helped others discover their passion for cooking and learn about new ingredients, techniques and cuisines,” TikTok said in a statement on Monday. “From the world’s most popular feta pasta at home to oversized kebabs and salmon rice to a few tips for clearing out the pantry – check out all the recipes and food hacks TikTok has been coveting this year.”

Tortilla trend

Chefs, recipe developers and amateur cooks hopped on this simple, ingenious folding technique all year round and said goodbye with this four-quadrant fold to pack and spill all the ingredients.

Feta pasta

Everyone who found themselves on Food-TikTok will remember this one. A glass baking dish, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a cube of fresh feta cheese, and an array of garlic, herbs, oil, and spices that have been baked into a creamy, spoonable sauce that has been made and shared over and over.

Grain of nature

One of the viral food hypes on TikTok was a fruit bowl with fresh coconut water, which was called “nature’s cereal”.

The video by the vegan TikTok inventor “Natures Food”, which received over 1.3 million likes, showed a bowl of fresh pomegranate seeds, blueberries and blackberries poured over with fresh coconut water. Some users shared their interpretations, adding ice cubes to freeze the fruit in a flash and make it crispy like granola.

Pasta chips

Salmon rice bowl

Emily Mariko shared her simple recipe of a leftover salmon fillet with white rice, sriracha, mayonnaise, and avocado that made her a TikTok star.

The video received over 7 million likes and inspired hundreds of others to recreate their own riffs on their nori-filled snack.

Pesto eggs

As with many food TikTok trends, the name tells you everything you need to know. Eggs cooked in pesto.

a cook Matt Broussard brought up the idea of ​​these fried pesto eggs with a playful nod to Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” and turned them into a delicious breakfast sandwich.

Baked oats

Sure, some recipes have been a hit or miss and there are always those who criticize overrated viral recipes, but this mixed and baked oat breakfast that became a snack cake indulgence was a hit with millions on the platform.

This recipe exudes the mature older cousin vibe of the early microwave cup cake, which now actually measures ingredients, uses an oven, and has at least one set of casserole dishes.

Everything to do with hot air fryers

There were a number of recipes that used the swirling convection heat of a hot air fryer. This tabletop device, which exploded in popularity and crisps up quickly and easily without fear of deep-frying in a vat of boiling oil, had chefs test the technique on everything from Jaymee Sires bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers to Chocolate chip cookies.

Birria ramen

The Mexican consommé soup, which is a combination of meat stewed in chilli with flavors and spices, was re-featured in this cross-cultural hybrid dish that replaces a traditional meat and cheese tortilla dipped in the broth with noodles.

Spicy pickled garlic

Food manufacturers added some spiciness to their already hot pickled garlic by adding sriracha, chili powder, and herbs.

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