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Western food meets Chinese flavors at McDonald’s!

Don’t miss this new burger only available on Monday September 20th!

Try the Crispy Tofu Burger with pickled cowpea and minced meat sauce, another new creative menu item that combines the culinary best of East and West.

Crispy tofu burger

It is the latest one-day release from McDonald’s China for its Members’ Day Menu. McDonald’s members are usually Generation Z customers. The Members’ Day Menu was therefore specially developed for them.

McDonald’s is adept at drawing inspiration from foods that resonate with local customers.

A new addition to McDonald’s creative cuisine, this Crispy Tofu Burger adds tofu, a popular ingredient across China, to the burger, meaning traditional Eastern ingredients collide with Western cooking techniques.

This is part of McDonald’s ambition to integrate traditional Chinese cuisine culture with Western food culture. This innovation with its Hunan taste is likely to be just as popular with Chinese customers as its predecessors such as “Rice-cake McFlurry” and “Spicy Wagyu Beef Burger”.


Spicy Wagyu Beef Burger


McFlurry rice cake

Don’t miss the exclusive menu for members only on September 20th.

[All images via McDonald’s]


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