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The latest plan for an upzoned development site rounds out our look at what happened during the quarter Morgan Community Association Meeting last Wednesday:

RENOVATION PROJECT: Project team members StoryBuild were there to talk about the 41st / Graham project. Brandon Burrowes and Patrick Cobb, both residents of West Seattle, said their company specializes in infill. The project at 6314 41st SW is a 20,000-square-foot, 3-parcel site that is owned by Affordability of HALA Forced Housing to Lowrise 3. The project has changed since they had an early ward meeting last year. The project will have fewer units (now 36), plus less height – 30 to 40 ′ in an area of ​​up to 50 ′ – and more parking spaces (15 spaces) than the zoning requires (zero). Units will range from 500 sf to 1300 sf, in a mix of townhouses and apartments, and although city records still describe the project as “apartments,” StoryBuilt reps say the units are likely to be between 300,000 and $ 700,000.

The “apartments” are six units across from Graham, at ground level, with two-story units above. The building front 41st SW will also have ground floor and residential units above. Regarding the MHA requirement – they tend to pay the fee required by the city rather than providing affordable housing on-site. In the Q&A, one representative mentioned that this is “probably the 25th site plan” they have been working with as the project evolved. Timeline? Probably a year and a half from the start of construction, which will then take about as long. The project is now in Review of the administrative design (here is the latest design pack), with a new comment deadline of February 3rd; Here is the city’s note explaining how to leave a comment.

LOWMAN BEACH SEAWALL UPDATE: MoCA President Deb Barker Read an update from the Seattle Parks Project Leader David Graves. They are seeking permits for the project to remove the derelict levee and restore the beach and creek habitat in the area. The project will be advertised shortly. As for construction – work in the water will have to wait until August due to fish-related restrictions.

LOWMAN BEACH RACKET COURT UPDATE: After the dismantling of the tennis court, will a new racket court be built in the park as part of the dike project? The results of the second survey showed strong support for the construction of the new space on the lawn to protect the park’s trees, said Lisa Corbinwho leads the group advocating for a new dish. A third community meeting is planned to show a schematic draft. You can find updates here.

MORGAN JUNCTION PARK EXPANSION LOCATION: Though development of the park itself has been put on hold, the plan to clean up the site – which used to be a cleanup and mini market – is still active. The city is in the process of obtaining permits. No timeline yet; maybe this year. In addition to removing contaminated soil, the site will be leveled and fenced off. Barker said the city had assured them it shouldn’t be an eyesore – which it is now.

BRIDGE ENVIRONMENTAL TRAFFIC REDUCTION: Although Morgan Junction has not received official attention as a detour route, it is definitely affected by bridge closure traffic, noted Barker. So Sara Zora from SDOT came to the meeting to hear concerns. She talked about the Home Zone program. For now, they are not adding to the list of neighborhoods – such as Highland Park, Georgetown, South Park – targeted for this program. However, if you notice traffic redirection effects elsewhere, please report this to SDOT [email protected] – Zora said additional areas could be included in a plan for 2022. Regardless of the bridge-related attenuation, she said a recent speed analysis will result in replacing two radar-powered speed signs on Fauntleroy – in Brandon and in Thistle – and adding another in Fauntleroy / Austin. Participants suggested contacting ferry drivers and encouraging them to avoid speeding.

BEVERIDGE PLACE ROAD WOES: This was a FYI community affected article. The residents of SW Beveridge Place and the owners of the Whiskey West and Zeeks Pizza building are concerned about the conditions on their street – a steep, narrow cul-de-sac. It gets quite a bit of traffic due to the shops nearby and is plagued by drainage and sewage problems. Their concerns were heightened when a potential 5 unit development for a parcel emerged. They wanted to make sure the infrastructure aspects were taken into account when reviewing the development, so they met with several city departments. A representative from the neighborhood said SDOT’s road problems didn’t get much publicity, despite the city councilor Lisa Herbold‘s staff helped them to find their way around the departments. The redevelopment project appears to have been put on hold for the time being, they said, but the area has been blown up and the issues eventually need to be addressed.

CALIFORNIA / MYRTLE SEWER PROJECT: Barker had some information from the project manager who was unable to attend due to a family emergency. A routine inspection revealed that the 70-year-old pipe was damaged. No further pipe renewals are expected on California in the next few years. Two sections will be replaced, the overall project is estimated to take up to six weeks. Attendees Jen brought up her wife’s serious injuries in a bicycle accident on the unevenness of the project site, which have since been reassessed.

MORGAN JUNCTION COMMUNITY FESTIVAL: While it’s too early to say if the festival – which was canceled last year – will see another pandemic cancellation this year, just in case, they’ll be having some discussion and planning and are keen to see potential volunteers participating in the effort.

A couple of quick notes:

WEST SEATTLE ART WALK: Morgan Junction companies are participating on the second Thursday West Seattle Art Walk.

DISSOLVE SCALE: This coalition of city-wide neighborhood groups that challenged HALA has disbanded. MoCA was a founding member.

SAVE THE STONE CABIN: Not Morgan Junction, but – Barker is involved in this volunteer conservation effort and has started tomorrow’s Walking in Evas Shoes, the third in a row. The preparatory work for the relocation of the bungalow from its location continues, which is now expected to take place next month.

WASHINGTON DIVERSITY CENTER: As recently reported on WSB, this organization is headquartered in Morgan Junction after moving from Burien.

NEXT MEETING: April 21st, probably still online.


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