WoW Classic WotLK Enchanting Guide: Leveling, Materials and Recipes


Along with jewelcrafting and engineering, enchanting is one of the main professions in World of Warcraft. The profession, which provides players with enchantments on several of their armor pieces, is a great way to gain additional stats or even target specific ones.

This kind of benefit can be expected with the release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic, as this cold-hearted expansion will include tons of new recipes to learn and enchantment items to craft.

With that in mind, here is an in-depth guide on how to enchant in WotLK Classic.

WoW Classic WotLK Enchanting Guide

One of the most popular professions in WotLK Classic, Enchanting brings something unique that not many other professions can.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what the profession has to offer in the upcoming WotLK Classic expansion, provide a guide on how to level from vanilla to WotLK, and list some recipes to watch out for that are highly requested in the new expansion will be .

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What does Enchanting offer in WotLK Classic?

Once WotLK Classic launches, there will be countless items and other features that players can use.

Starting out, players can benefit from a few minor enchantments that work well when leveling up or just starting out in dungeons and raids.

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How to level Enchanting in WotLK Classic

Unlike players who own Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and the like, Enchanting is a profession where materials can be hard to come by, but it is the only profession that can create your own.

With their Disenchant ability, players can easily disenchant any gear they deem unnecessary to get more materials. Alternatively, players can farm specific dungeons to receive specific loot drops for Disenchant.

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Required material

Here are the approximate materials to enhance Enchanting for WotLK Classic. This includes materials for Vanilla, The Burning Crusade Classic, and WotLK Classic.


  • 125x Strange Dust
  • 1x Lesser Magical Essence
  • 12x Greater Magic Essence
  • 25x Lesser Astral Essence
  • 130x soul dust
  • 2x Greater Astral Essence
  • 240x Vision Dust
  • 2x Greater Mystic Essence
  • 5x Lesser Nether Essence
  • 330x dream dust
  • 40x Purple Lotus
  • 82x Illusion Dust
  • 4x Greater Eternal Essence
  • 2x Large Brilliant Shard
  • 1x copper rod
  • 1x silver staff
  • 1x Golden Staff
  • 1x Iridescent Pearl
  • 1x Truesilver Rod
  • 1x Black Pearl
  • 1x Arcanite Staff
  • 1x Golden Pearl


  • 1x Fel Iron Rod
  • 350 – 382x Arcane Dust
  • 20x Lesser Planar Essence
  • 13x Large Prismatic Shard
  • 10 – 15x Nightmare Vine
  • 1x primal power
  • 1x adamantite rod


  • 704 – 742x Infinite Dust
  • 1x eternium rod
  • 10x crystallized water
  • 40 – 48x Greater Cosmic Essence
  • 110 – 124x Eternal Earth
  • 48 – 52x Dream Shards
  • 1x titanium rod
  • *3x Abyss Crystal

Vanilla (1-300)


  • Runed Copper Rod (1x Copper Rod, 1x Strange Dust, 1x Lesser Magic Essence)
    • Copper Staff is sold by Trade Goods Vendors.


  • Disenchants green quality items


  • Enchant Bracer – Low Health (40x Strange Dust)


  • Enchant Bracer – Low Stamina (30x Strange Dust)


  • Runed Silver Rod (1x Silver Rod, 6x Strange Dust, 3x Greater Magic Essence)


  • Great Wand (9x Simple Wood, 9x Greater Magic Essence)


  • Enchant Bracer – Reduced Strength
    • Recipe from Dalria in Ashenvale (Alliance) / Kulwia in Stonetalon Mountains (Horde)


  • Enchant Cloak – Lesser Agility (25x Lesser Astral Essence)
    • Recipe from Dalria in Ashenvale (Alliance) / Stonetalon Mountains of Kulwiain (Horde)

Establish approximately 25 Minor Agility or 28 Minor Impact.


  • Enchant Bracer – Low Stamina (40x Soul Dust)


  • Runed Goldenrod (1x Goldenrod, 1x Iridescent Pearl, 2x Greater Astral Essence, 2x Soul Dust)


  • Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength (80x Soul Dust)


  • Enchant Bracer – Strength (15x Vision Dust)


  • Runed Truesilver Rod (1x Truesilver Rod, 1x Black Pearl, 2x Greater Mythic Essence, 2x Vision Dust)


  • Enchanter’s Bracer – Strength (25x Vision Dust)


  • Enchant Cloak: Major Defense (15x Vision Dust)


  • Enchant Gloves – Agility (5x Lesser Nether Essence, 5x Vision Dust)


  • Enchant Boots – Endurance (25x Vision Dust)


  • Enchant Chest – Superior Health (150x Vision Dust)


  • Lesser Mana Oil (60x Dream Dust, 40x Purple Lotus, 20x Crystal Vial)


  • Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina
    • Recipe from Mythrin’dir in Darnassus (Alliance) / Daniel Barlettt in Undercity (Horde)

Craft about 27 Major Stamina.


  • Cloak – Superior Defense (72x Illusion Dust)
    • Recipe from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade in Nighthaven

Craft about 9 superior defenses.


  • Runed Arcanite Rod (1x Arcanite Rod, 1x Golden Pearl, 10x Illusion Dust, 4x Greater Eternal Essence, 2x Great Brilliant Shard)
    • Recipe from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade in Nighthaven

TB (300-375)


  • Fel Iron Rod Rune (1x Greater Eternal Essence, 1x Large Brilliant Shard, 1x Fel Iron Rod)


  • Enchant Bracer – Attack (60x Arcane Dust)


  • Enchant Bracer – Brawn (30x Arcane Dust)


  • Gloves – Attack (80x Arcane Dust)


  • Enchant Shield – Great Stamina (150x Arcane Dust)


  • Enchant Shield – Resilience (5x Greater Prismatic Shard, 45x Lesser Planar Essence)


  • Superior Wizard Oil (5x Arcane Dust, 5x Nightmare Vine)


  • Runed Adamantite Rod (1x Greater Planar Essence, 1x Greater Prismatic Shard, 1x Primal Might, 1x Adamantite Rod)


  • Cloak – Speed ​​(54 Infinite Dust)


  • Enchant Bracers – Slamming (90x Infinite Dust)


  • Runed Eternium Rod (1x Infinite Dust, Greater PLANa Essence, 1x Eternium Rod)

WotLK (375-450)

376 – 380

  • Enchant Bracers – Slamming (24x Infinite Dust)


  • Enchant Bracers – Extraordinary Intelligence (50x Infinite Dust)


  • Enchant Boots – Icewalker (80x Infinite Dust, 8x Crystallized Water)


  • Cloak – Superior Agility (180x Infinite Dust)


  • Enchantment Boost – Great Spirit (50x Infinite Dust, 10x Greater Cosmic Essence)


  • Enchant Shield – Defense (30x Infinite Dust, 30x Eternal Earth)


  • Chest – Greater Mana Restoration (20x Infinite Dust, 20x Greater Cosmic Essence)


  • Runed Titanium Staff (1x Infinite Dust, 1x Greater Cosmic Essence, 1x Dream Shard, 1x Titanium Staff)


  • Enchant Shield – Defense (24x Infinite Dust, 24x Eternal Earth)


  • Enchant Cloak – Might Armor (75x Infinite Dust, 10x Greater Cosmic Essence)


  • Gloves – Armsman (10x Dream Shards, 40x Eternal Earth)


  • Enchant Boots – Great Attack (20x Greater Cosmic Essence, 20x Dream Shard)

Enchanting recipes to watch out for in WotLK Classic

As mentioned above in the article, enchanting has very unique benefits for players. Focused primarily on enhancing and adding stats, Enchanters can enchant anything from bracers, boots and more to weapons, arguably some of the most powerful and important pieces of gear to enchant.

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BERSERKER: The Berserker enchantment causes you to glow red with attack power

That being said, here are a few to look out for and where to find them.

Enchant Weapon – Berserker

  • Sold by Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran.

Enchant 2H Weapon – Massacre

  • Sold by Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran.

Enchant Staff – Greater spell power

  • Sold by Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran.

Enchant Bracers – Greater Stamina

  • Sold by Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran.

Enchant Weapon – Blade Guard

  • Obtained from the Living Stone Chest dropped by Kologarn in Ulduar.

Enchant Weapon – Drain Blood

  • Obtained from the Living Stone Chest dropped by Kologarn in Ulduar.

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